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Our mission is to turn our pain into purpose by furthering efforts to empower individuals, creating and promoting opportunities to help end social injustice and systemic racism.

The Ron Settles Memorial Foundation was established by the Strong Family to bring awareness and help end social injustice and systemic racism against people of color.  

On June 2, 1981, our first cousin, Ron Settles was violently murdered by law enforcement in Signal Hill, California.   No family should ever have to experience such a devastating loss at the hands of those who have been authorized (or taken an oath) to protect and serve. The killing of George Floyd served as a chilling reminder that there is much work to be done.


In an effort to uphold Ron’s legacy and pick up the mantle from our parents, creating change is our focus. This stems from hearing and reading about the change that Johnnie Cochran created, when he offered hope to Helen (Strong) and Donnell Settles in their darkest hour. To the family members of those who died due to use of lethal force by law enforcement, we want to provide hope.  We want to influence change. As we remember Ronnie, it is our hope to prepare youth and young adults to become the change we wish to see. 

Our Vision

Our vision is to bridge the pain of our family’s past to the promise of our children’s future, honoring the legacy of Ron Settles by assisting action-oriented individuals and groups who seek to empower whole communities.

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