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Ronnie Settles’ family hails from generations of educators. His mother, Helen Strong Settles, was a teacher like so many who came before her and her siblings, as well as their posterity. Many of us, among Ronnie’s generation, have a “teacher’s heart,” so teaching is in our bloodline, regardless of our individual professions.

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Donna Woodley
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Donna Woodley is the first cousin of Ron Settles and the niece of Donnell and Helen Settles. She served as inaugural President of the Ron Settles Memorial Foundation, from its inception in 2020, until passing the torch to co-board member, Cerita Butler. She is also an emerging visual artist whose most recent works discuss the examination of black culture and social justice in conjunction with American culture.

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Kendra Radcliff
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Kendra is an award-winning educator who believes in education’s power to transform generations. From volunteering as an undergraduate to tutor middle-school students to being a mentor to teachers and students alike, she has spent her career helping others realize and pursue their aspirations.

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Schevonda Hunt

Schevonda is a native Memphian. She is a second career educator entering her 16th year with the Shelby County Schools system, currently serving as a Professional School counselor.

Prior to the start of a new career in education, she worked seventeen years for FedEx Corporation Memphis as an International Customer manager.

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Clarence Greer III
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Clarence is a native of Memphis, TN and is a vocational instructor for the Dr. Benjamin L. Hooks Job Corps Center in Memphis, TN. He works with youth between the ages of 16 and 24. He helps motivate, encourage, and direct the youth who are enrolled in the program, training individuals and helping prepare them for college, military, and job placements.

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C'Sara Strong

Dr. C’sara Strong is a native Memphian with a passion for hope and healing. C’sara is a Family Nurse Practitioner who holds a Doctor of Nursing Practice degree from the University of Mississippi Medical Center. She currently serves as a clinical manager over several facilities for a hospital system.

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Cerita Butler

As President of the Ron Settles Memorial Foundation, Cerita is running with the torch! A Memphis native and retired C-suite executive from the largest school district in the state of Tennessee. Cerita has over 30 years combined experience in Risk Management, Human Resources and Business Operations in both public and private sectors.

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Annie Strong Mackey
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Annie Strong Mackey is an award winning Musical Theater Artist, with a catalogue fulfillment reaching across the nation. She matriculated at Tennessee State University, with a degree focus of Spanish and Multicultural Education. Annie currently displays her professional talent in the pharmaceutical industry with Express Scripts-Cigna

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Stella Woodley
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Maudanru ‘Stella’ Woodley is a native of Memphis, Tennessee and former standout student-athlete at DePaul University in Chicago, Illinois, where she earned her Bachelor’s of Science degree. Stella currently works as an Athletics Compliance Director and Senior Woman Professional at an NCAA Division II college.

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Glenn RObinson

Glenn Robinson is a Longmont, CO native and former collegiate athlete at the University of Kansas. He’s coached and tutored at-risk youth and worked as an administrator at the County level; overseeing programs geared towards assisting families’ transition from poverty to prosperity.

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Advisor to the Board

Madelyn Headshot
Madelyn Strong Woodley

Madelyn Strong Woodley is the youngest sister to the seven remaining siblings of Helen Strong Settles, and is the aunt of Ron Settles. As a retired FedEx Corporate Sr. Executive & Division Head, much of her work is dedicated to community wellness and social justice. Madelyn is currently a lifetime member of NAACP having served as an executive board member in Memphis, TN and now in Boulder County. She remains in the forefront of advocacy and activism for African Americans in Tennessee and Colorado. Her most recent role as a pilot member of the Boulder Police Oversight Implementation Team has given voice to the issues concerning African Americans in the Boulder Valley Community.